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I just had my gutter installed, why are they overflowing?

Check out these articles from Angie's List on overflowing gutters

There are numerous ways that gutters can become clogged.

It doesn’t take an expert to know that overflowing rain gutters spell trouble. Clogged gutters can damage both the interior and exterior of your home, costing you thousands of dollars. There are numerous ways that gutters can become clogged and identifying these reasons can allow you to prevent this occurrence in the future. Below is a list of four common reasons that gutters can become clogged and how you can remedy the problem.

1. An overabundance of rain

While you can’t control the amount of rain you receive, you can prepare yourself for the next downpour by investing in rain gutters that are built to handle substantial rainfall.

2. Too few gutters or downspouts on your home

In some cases, not having gutters on all sides of your home can overwork the existing portions of your gutters, making the water overflow because it has nowhere else to go. 

Adding additional gutters when your current ones cannot handle the rain they receive or adding gutters able to handle a higher capacity of rainfall can help resolve the situation. The same goes for downspouts – having too few of downspouts for the amount of guttering you have can cause gutters to overflow. See video below explaining how too little downspouts can actually cause overflowing and pooling of water.

3. Clogged gutters

When your gutters clog from leaves and other organic debris and it rains, the water has nowhere to go. Instead of flowing through the gutters and out the downspouts, the water overflows, compromising your home’s foundation, fascia and siding. 

In some cases, mold can begin to grow, which is a serious health hazard. To ensure that your gutters do not clog, you have two choices. Either invest in clog-free gutters or be sure to clean your gutters several times a year.

4. Clogged downspouts

Just like clogged gutters, clogged downspouts are a hazard to the exterior of your home. Water needs to go somewhere and if downspouts are clogged, water can back up in your gutters and eventually cause your gutters to overflow. 

To keep downspouts clog-free, you can opt for oversized downspouts, which allow water to filter away from your home at a faster pace, protecting your foundation.

Gutter Cleaning - The Importance

Just as described above, clogged gutters or downspouts can cause the water to overflow and thus your gutter system is not working properly. To avoid this, we recommend customers to clean out their gutters every 6 months to a year or install gutter covers (you can see photos on our photo section)



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